Scott Valdez

Scott Valdez

Latin American Women Expert

I am Scott Valdez, the Founder, and President of VIDA Select, a leading online dating agency that helps individuals find their ideal partners through personalized matchmaking services. I have been working tirelessly since 2009 to refine VIDA Select's systems, strategies, and success rates to provide the best possible experience to my clients.

I am an experienced Latin American dating expert, providing tailored advice and guidance to help individuals find the perfect match. My unique approach combines traditional values with modern technology, making dating easier and more enjoyable.

I am recognized by the media as one of the world's foremost modern dating experts, owing to my extensive experience and expertise in the field. My passion lies in helping people meet the partner of their dreams, and I have helped countless individuals find love through VIDA Select's matchmaking services.

In fact, I am a living testament to the effectiveness of VIDA Select's services, having met my wife through the agency in 2016. My personal experience gives me a unique insight into the matchmaking process and allows me to connect with clients on a deeper level.

Under my leadership, VIDA Select has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of online dating, with a high success rate and a strong commitment to providing personalized, top-quality service to my clients. I and my team and I take great pride in our work and are dedicated to helping people find love and happiness in their lives.

I will share everything I know about online dating, and together with Mark and Anastasia, we will create the best website about online dating!

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