Cleora Bauch

Cleora Bauch

Cleora Bauch is an expert senior content creator and author for With 12+ years of experience in the sphere of copywriting and creating web and social media content, Cleora is an expert in writing about international dating and cross-cultural relationships.

Cornell University

Creative Writing, Copywriting, Psychology, Cross-Cultural Relationships

Cleora received her master's degree from Cornell University, Creative Writing Faculty. During grad school, she took internships in 300 Entertainment, The draftLine Creative, and Highbrid Media, and her short story on women dating patterns was published in the New York Times. Cleora also took an SEO writing course at Udemy and Skillshare. With a proactive attitude to studying, she became an expert in digital marketing, SEO optimization, and peculiarities of content for social media.
In addition to the MA degree in writing, Cleora has a passion for psychology and invests a lot of time in getting into how our brain is wired. She is a regular attendee of the ECNP Congress meeting, SPSSI conference, and APA’s convention. Exploring the peculiarities of human interaction, development of the behavior patterns, and psychology of falling in love contributes to the expertise in dating and relationships. Moreover, taking the neurological perspective of human interactions and profound knowledge in peculiarities of dating, marriage, and family creation worldwide, allows Cleora to put the best foot into creating the best content, expert blog posts and researches for
However, extensive knowledge in creative writing and psychology behind cross-cultural relationships are only the tip of the iceberg. The topic of international relationships is very close to her heart, as Cleora Bauch is German-American. Her parents are a happy result of successful international marriage. They’ve been married for 43 years and have 3 kids between the two. Being raised in a cross-cultural family sparked Cleora's interest in learning what makes such relationships work and research how learning about the culture influences the success rates of the union. Combining professionalism and expertise with real-life experience gives Cleora everything for being a top specialist in her field.

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